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Kiosk printer


kiosk printer has become a popular tool for retailers, telecommunications providers, and many other organizations that hope to make their customer's experience easy, fast, informative and convenient. kiosk printers are available as standard cut and drop modules and also with optional ticket presenter.
Kiosk printer is kind of digital printing process which produces a printed image by selectively heating coated thermochromic paper, or thermal paper as it is commonly known, when the paper passes over the thermal print head. The coating turns black in the areas where it is heated, producing an image. Two-colour direct thermal printers can print both black and an additional colour (often red) by applying heat at two different temperatures. Kiosk printer is a related method that uses a heat-sensitive ribbon instead of heat-sensitive paper. Kiosk printer is notable for being the only[verification needed] form of (non-embossing) printing which involves no ink.
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